Possible Pixel Foldable ‘Comet’ Emerges – Potential Fold 2 or Pixel Flip?


According to a recent APK Insight teardown of the Google Pixel Buds app, evidence suggests that Google may be developing another foldable Android phone to follow this summer’s Pixel Fold. The code names “Comet” and “Fold” were found in the app, indicating a device separate from the upcoming Pixel 8 series and likely related to the Pixel Fold. It is unclear whether Comet is an early preparation for the Pixel Fold 2 or a new foldable device called the Pixel Flip to compete with Samsung’s range of foldable styles.

The addition of Comet to the Pixel Buds app suggests that Google is actively working on a new foldable device. However, details about Comet’s specifications and features are scarce at this point. The codename Comet deviates from Google’s typical naming convention, which uses dog breeds for its Pixel devices. Therefore, it is expected that Comet will be released independently of the annual Pixel release cycle. The presence of the code label “Fold” further supports the possibility of Google entering the foldable smartphone market with the Pixel Flip.

As the Pixel Fold was introduced just a few months ago, it remains uncertain whether Comet is an early reference to the Pixel Fold 2 or an indication of an entirely new Pixel Flip. It will be interesting to see what Google has in store for its next foldable device, and the preference for either a Pixel Fold or Pixel Flip among users is yet to be determined.

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