Challenger of Warren Raises Funds from Cryptocurrency Super PAC in Limited Words


In a surprising move, crypto enthusiasts are rallying behind attorney John Deaton, aiming to unseat Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren in the upcoming election. Deaton, known for his support of Ripple (XRP) and involvement in key crypto cases, has expressed his disagreement with Warren and SEC chair Gary Gensler regarding crypto regulation. Despite his substantial ties to the crypto industry, Deaton insists that his campaign is not solely focused on crypto issues, emphasizing his motivation to directly address Warren’s policies.

An intriguing poll by shows that a significant portion of readers believe Deaton or another Republican challenger could potentially defeat Warren in the upcoming election. This sentiment has prompted industry leaders like Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, Anthony Scaramucci, the Winklevoss twins, and others to support Deaton’s campaign financially. Additionally, prominent figures within the crypto community, such as billionaire Mark Cuban and Chamber of Digital Commerce founder Perianne Boring, have endorsed Deaton, highlighting a groundswell of support for his bid to challenge Warren.

The influx of donations to Deaton’s campaign underlines a broader trend of crypto-focused political action committees (PACs) supporting candidates aligned with the industry’s interests. Warren’s staunch opposition to crypto has made her a primary target for these PACs, who have also directed significant funds towards other key races in the political landscape. Overall, this movement signals a notable shift in the political dynamic surrounding digital assets and their advocates in the realm of electoral politics.

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