The benefits of hiring older workers for employers.


Employers seem to have a skewed perception of age when it comes to the workforce, with a recent study indicating that many believe 62 is the cutoff for working, and 58 for hiring. However, this mindset may not align with the reality of today’s workforce, as more than 1 in 5 Americans age 65 and older were employed in 2023, a significant increase from previous decades. These older workers are working longer hours and are more likely to possess a four-year college degree, highlighting their contributions to the workforce.

Despite the increase in older workers in the workforce, there are still challenges they face, such as the need for continuous skill development to keep up with new technologies. Employers need to consider the importance of training and upskilling for older workers to ensure their success in a rapidly changing work environment. Additionally, while employers may consider themselves to be age-friendly, there is a disconnect with older workers who do not always perceive their employers in the same way. As demographic changes lead to an aging workforce, it is crucial for employers to adapt and provide support for older workers who are increasingly choosing to work beyond traditional retirement age.

As the labor force participation rate of older age groups continues to rise, employers need to reevaluate their hiring practices and workplace policies to accommodate the needs of older workers. This includes offering programs that support older employees in training, professional development, and flexible work arrangements. With the majority of baby boomers entering retirement age, there needs to be a shift in mindset to recognize the valuable contributions that older workers can bring to the workforce. By creating an age-friendly environment and providing opportunities for older workers to thrive, employers can harness the experience and expertise of this growing segment of the workforce.

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