Haley Criticizes Trump for Manipulating Primary Process in ‘Ironic’ Moment


Nikki Haley lashed out at former President Donald Trump, condemning his undisclosed plan to manipulate delegate and primary rules in his favor for the 2024 Republican nomination. Haley labeled Trump’s tactics as hypocritical, given his previous claims that the 2020 election was stolen from him. Additionally, she claimed that Trump was motivated to win the upcoming election in order to evade the multitude of legal issues surrounding him. Haley’s critique marks a significant shift in her approach to her former boss as she seeks to overthrow his position at the forefront of the Republican nomination contest.

Despite finishing second in Nevada’s primary, behind the option “None of These Candidates,” Nikki Haley has ramped up her criticisms against both Trump and her own party. In a bold statement during a rally in Los Angeles, she criticized Trump for his response to her runner-up finish, the funds he allocated for his personal legal fees, and his backing from the Republican establishment. Haley depicted her party as being in a state of turmoil, much like the chaos surrounding Trump, condemning Republicans’ tolerance for further disarray and successive losses.

Despite being significantly behind Trump in various regional and national polls, Haley expressed determination to endure the race and continue through Super Tuesday, facing the challenge of gathering sufficient backing from GOP delegates to challenge Trump’s advantage. In California, a Super Tuesday state, polls show Haley lagging by over 50 points. Additionally, Republicans have adopted specific regulations that favor Trump by awarding all of the state’s 169 delegates to the candidate who achieves 50 percent of the vote. Nonetheless, Nikki Haley assured her supporters that she is committed to the long-term and is prepared to face the ordeal and pain of the election race.

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