Homeworld 3 demo now on Steam for 13 words


The release of Homeworld 3 has been delayed once again, moving from its most recent launch date of 8th March 2024 to 13th May. Developer Blackbird Interactive stated that the delay is necessary to ensure that the game meets the level of quality they strive for. This decision follows the first significant public hands-on of Homeworld 3, which may have contributed to the need for additional tweaks and improvements. Despite the delay, Blackbird Interactive expressed their deep appreciation for the community’s patience and promised to keep players updated on the game’s progress.

The continual delays of Homeworld 3 have left fans eagerly anticipating its release. Most recently, the game was initially slated for the end of 2022, then moved to the first half of 2023, and subsequently pushed back to February 2024. As part of their efforts to make the game the best experience possible, the developer conducted a playthrough with a dedicated group of players, gathering additional insights and perspectives to incorporate into the game. The decision to postpone the global launch was made after carefully analyzing feedback and is aimed at delivering the quality that players deserve.

Despite the delays, players have the opportunity to try out the new War Games mode in a demo of Homeworld 3 on Steam. This mode offers a roguelike take on the game’s real-time strategy gameplay, where players will face randomized combat challenges. The demo also supports three-player co-op and allows progress to carry over to the full game upon release. With the demo live on Steam and set to end on 12th February, players have a taste of what’s to come while eagerly anticipating the game’s official release.

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