Apple to escape EU crackdown on iMessage under 13 words


The European Union is considering granting Apple Inc.’s iMessage service an exemption from new antitrust rules aimed at regulating Big Tech platforms. This decision comes after watchdogs tentatively concluded that the messaging service is not widely used by business users, and therefore should not be subject to the new regulation. European Commission officials are reportedly leaning towards granting this exemption as part of a five-month market investigation set to conclude in February.

The potential carve out for Apple’s iMessage service has sparked discussions and debates among industry experts and stakeholders. While some argue that the exemption is justified due to the service’s lack of popularity among business users, others are concerned about the implications of granting special treatment to a specific tech platform. As the European Commission continues to deliberate on this matter, the decision will likely have significant implications for how Big Tech platforms are regulated in the EU, setting a precedent for future antitrust rules and enforcement.

Overall, the potential exemption for iMessage from the new EU antitrust rules reflects the complexities and challenges of regulating Big Tech platforms in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. As the European Commission nears its decision in February, stakeholders eagerly await the outcome and its potential impact on the broader tech industry.

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