AR smartglasses embrace audio and ChatGPT, priced from $199.


Solos has recently unveiled its new AirGo3 smartglasses, which take a unique approach to connected eyewear. These third-generation augmented reality glasses prioritize audio features, comfort, usability, and a modular design, all while maintaining an affordable price starting at $199. Unlike the Google Glass, the AirGo3 does not have a heads-up display screen but instead houses all the technology in the arms of the frames. This allows for easy customization and swapping of front frames and lenses. The glasses also offer impressive audio quality, a user-friendly companion app, and a variety of styles to choose from.

Solos co-founder Kenneth Fan explained that the company aimed to create an affordable and comfortable product that excelled as eyewear. While the AirGo3 currently lacks a heads-up display, Fan mentioned that there remains a possibility for its inclusion in future iterations as display technology advances. Notably, the AirGo3 does not have cameras like Meta’s Ray-Ban Smart Glasses but still manages to integrate advanced technology inconspicuously into everyday glasses, marking a significant improvement for smartglasses.

The AirGo3’s standout features include 100 decibel speakers on each side, an AI-powered live translation feature to facilitate conversations in an unfamiliar language, and the ability to interact with ChatGPT. Overall, Solos’ AirGo3 smartglasses offer an impressive array of features and a sleek design at an accessible price point, revolutionizing the world of eyewear.

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