Bungie Withdraws Destiny 2’s $15 Starter Pack Amid ‘Pay-to-Win’ Item Backlash


Gamers have been waiting for Destiny 2’s new Season of the Wish, but a recent controversy has come to light regarding a $15 microtransaction starter pack. This new starter pack quickly became a subject of criticism and backlash over concerns that it gave players an unfair advantage, crossing the line into the realm of pay-to-win mechanics. Players voiced concern online, and the popular Destiny content creator Datto even criticized Bungie for their decision to introduce this microtransaction offering, calling it “tone deaf.”

The starter pack was especially concerning to players because it contained powerful guns and in-game materials that can take hours of playtime to earn normally. Many users took to the Steam storefront to express their disdain for this pay-to-win package by leaving negative reviews and marking the item with tags like “Capitalism,” “Crime,” and “Psychological Horror.” The controversy led to Bungie quietly removing the item from their store, an action that seemed to confirm the validity of the concerns raised by the gaming community and prominent content creators.

This controversy comes at a difficult time for Bungie, as they have cited lower than expected revenue leading to layoffs within the company. The removal of the starter pack suggests that Bungie has acknowledged the concerns of players and content creators, but the larger question remains as to how the company will navigate the ongoing monetization of Destiny 2.

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