Intel accuses AMD of selling ineffective CPUs in deleted attack


Intel has taken aim at AMD, accusing them of misleading consumers with their latest Ryzen 7000 series mobile processors. The focus of Intel’s criticism is on the Ryzen 5 7520U, which is based on AMD’s older Zen 2 architecture, despite being marketed with a model number that suggests it’s a mid-range CPU from AMD’s latest Zen 4 architecture. Intel claims AMD is “selling half-truths to unsuspecting customers” and includes a slide that directly compares AMD’s processor naming to selling snake oil.

Despite Intel’s strong attack on AMD’s naming scheme, it conveniently ignores its own history of confusing processor naming and architectures. Intel has been criticized for dropping the core count on its Core i9 11900K and changing its process node naming from 14nm to “Intel 7” to sound more competitive next to AMD’s products. Additionally, Intel recently launched its 14th Gen desktop processors, which are seen as merely overclocked 13th Gen chips with no significant architecture changes.

The widespread attention received by Intel’s presentation has apparently caused the company to have a change of heart, as the presentation mysteriously disappeared from its website, although it is commonly known that nothing can truly be deleted from the internet. The heavily publicized criticism highlights the ongoing competition and scrutiny between Intel and AMD in the semiconductor industry.

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