News and Updates on Passwordless Sign-On Support: Introducing “Passkeys” in Thirteen Words.


The tech industry widely agrees that traditional passwords are outdated and insecure. To address this, cryptographic keys called passkeys have emerged as a more secure alternative. Passkeys work by connecting directly to a token saved on your device or password manager, eliminating the need to manually enter passwords. This method, enabled by the WebAuthn standard, offers heightened security and user-friendliness.

Although the transition to passkeys will take time, password manager Dashlane is taking steps to drive this change. Dashlane has announced the integration of passkeys into its password manager, aiming to simplify security for users and facilitate the shift towards a passwordless era. The implementation of passkeys will not happen overnight, as many apps and websites still rely on traditional passwords. However, Dashlane’s move signifies a significant step towards embracing this new authentication method.

In summary, the tech industry is moving away from conventional passwords and embracing passkeys as a more secure and user-friendly authentication method. Dashlane’s integration of passkeys into its password manager reflects a commitment to advancing this transition. While the complete adoption of passkeys will take time, this announces an important step towards a passwordless future.

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