Top-rated survival crafting game on Steam reaches version 1.0, introduces 10-person co-op mode.


The long-awaited release of The Planet Crafter version 1.0 has finally arrived, marking the end of its early access phase. This update introduces a groundbreaking multiplayer online co-op mode for up to 10 players, transforming the once solitary experience of surviving and terraforming a barren alien world. Along with this major addition, players can now explore three new biomes teeming with unique wildlife, including some impressively large creatures that add a thrilling element to the game.

In addition to the expanded multiplayer feature and new biomes, The Planet Crafter 1.0 also brings fresh lore and end-game content for players to uncover as they progress in their terraforming project. Adventurers can now stumble upon new procedural wrecks scattered across the world, offering valuable tech and materials to scavenge. The update also includes various quality of life improvements, new crafting items, updated gameplay mechanics, animations, and a cinematic introduction, enhancing the overall gaming experience for both new and veteran players alike.

Interested gamers can now grab The Planet Crafter on Steam at a discounted price of $17, which is 30% off until April 24. With its immersive multiplayer mode, captivating biomes, and exciting new gameplay features, The Planet Crafter version 1.0 promises an engaging gaming experience that will keep players exploring and terraforming for hours on end.

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